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The Cubicle

Cubicles are intended to provide privacy amongst workers, reducing distraction. Movies like Office Space have also given them a bad rap for enabling procrastination and low productivity, thankfully today, manufacturers have made respectable strides toward tackling this issue. They have altered their original cubicle designs to address the balancing act between privacy and low worker productivity.

A smart office design will create a workspace that is conducive to the purpose of the business. Some businesses require a great deal of interaction between employees, while some require privacy and concentration. Therefore cubicle walls can reach shoulder-height or even extend beyond an employee’s head depending on the communication needs of the business.
There are also office cubicle desks that measure 36" x 72", suitable for single or double workstations as well as technologically advanced cubicles that feature sound-proofing/sound masking materials for ultimate silence. But in 2014, where it’s oh so easy and tempting to get immersed in one’s own digital world of tablets and iPhones, cubicle walls can also be an abstract concept. As John Tierney from the New York Times, ,headphones are the new office cubicle walls.
Office cubicles more often than not are allowed to be personalized. There is a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to desk sizes, colors, shapes and materials of construction. It is important to allow employees to decorate their workspace with picture frames, posters, paintings or plants that brighten the mood, ensuring comfort and ultimately, happier employees. Happier employees means better customer service. And better customer service means happy customers. And we all know what happy customers mean.