Furnishing a new business

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Furnishing a start up business

The exciting process of getting a startup off the ground include many obstacles. The biggest and most important of those to overcome is securing funding.
After you locate a space, whether that be home or office space, your employees and clients need to conduct business. This is challenging without furniture. It is highly unprofessional to ask your potential business partners to sit on the floor during a meeting. All across the board, companies need the basics. A sturdy desk, comfortable chair, and good lighting.
The answer is high quality used furniture. Large companies routinely turn out fully functioning used furnishings to liquidators for resale into the marketplace. This is an excellent opportunity to populate your space with quality matching furniture that still has plenty of life left and may be added to for future reconfigurations.
That aside, it is not wise to spend a small fortune on a lot of fancy furniture. Quality should trump quantity with a few strong pieces. You can treat yourself later to the high-brow pieces you really want once you start making money.
When you are a startup in a world of new business, standing out is important. Choosing the right furniture for your office is vital. Once you have the money to realize your vision, and a backer that supports your dream, when should you purchase furniture?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How much of the monthly budget can be allocated for furniture?
  2. What are must haves? (Think about it first! You don't need that aquarium if you don't have a desk yet).
  3. How many people will be working with you? Will they need a dedicated desk, or a communal workspace?
  4. How long are you planning to stay in your current office? (Small hallways and doors can hinder the move of large furniture. Easily moveable furniture is great for evolving offices).
Once you answer these questions, you will have a better idea of what to buy first. Ideal first buys are ergonomic chairs, basic desks, and ambient lighting. A well designed and ergonomically correct task chair pays for itself; Don't skimp on your employees health. It is advisable to try out ergonomic chairs and other furniture before you buy.
Get decently priced items that will last, so you don't have to buy it twice. Do your research so you find the right pieces for your business at a great price.
Good luck starting out!